Spring wreath free printable!

Spring wreath printable!Spring wreath free printable!Hey guys! So how are you all doing? I know I am definitely ready for spring! The only problem? It’s still snowing here! Well, I’m preparing with this cute spring wreath printable! You can print it off by clicking the link below that will take you to my subscribers only free recourse library! And if your not a subscriber yet, subscribe by clicking the other link below or in my sidebar and you’ll get an email with the password in it!

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Food/fitness tracking pages!

Cute functional food and fitness tracking pages!

Track your fitness goals with this perfect fitness tracker!Hello hello! Remember the post I did in January, where I shared this amazing raspberry-banana smoothie recipe, where we talked about eating more healthy in 2017? And about the new section on my blog called healthy tidbits! Well now I’m back with another great way to help you along your way! Food and fitness planning pages!

I’ve created these two different pages, one for your daily meal plan, and one for your fitness goals! Let me tell you all little bit about them:

Track your fitness goals with this perfect fitness tracker!

The food planing page has:

  • A date and day of the week section.
  • Breakfast lunch and dinner planning spaces.
  • A shopping list.
  • Note section and a cute quote below it!

The fitness goals page has:

  • Date and day of the week section.
  • A water tracking piece!
  • A goal section to write down all of your amazing goals.
  • And last, a today’s workout section with a cute workout design under it.Food and fitness trackers to help you achieve your goals!

Print them out!

Food page!   Fitness page!

Watercolor quotes (free printable)

Happy Wednesday! How are you guys doing? As many of you know summer is my favorite season, and I am LOVING it! If I had the choice between it always being freezing cold or super warm, I would pick super warm. 😉 (as long as it wasn’t humid warm) I mean I like winter and all but after a while it just gets old. Ok I got sidetracked back to the post. 😉 Watercolor quotes, and they are free printable!Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

So, a couple weeks ago I was playing around and made these three cute watercolor quotes, and I decided to post them as free printables for all of you guys to use! I love the watercolor and the brush font together! These would be cute in a little girls’ or boys’ room! Or just for decoration!
Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

First we have this fun one 😉 “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” This one doesn’t actually have a watercolor background but there are little watercolor triangles.Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

Next we have this one from the new Cinderella (If you haven’t seen it it’s good! 🙂 ) I love this one “have courage and be kind” This would be so cute in a little girls’ room! Iv’e seen this quote used a lot of that.Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

And last we have this Walt Disney quote “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible” I like this one a lot, and I did the background kind of cloud-y watercolor-y 🙂 This ones fun because it’s kind of adventurous! Plus it’s a Walt Disney quote, who doesn’t like that?!Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

So these aren’t full paper sized there smaller so you can put them in a frame! Print them out below and enjoy! Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

Print them out!

Be yourself        Walt Disney    Have courage


Comment below and tell us how you are going to use them!