Valentines day clip cards!

Cute little valentines day cards you can clip up around the house!

Hey guys! So how are you doing on Valentine’s? Are you one of the people who has all of the decor and valentines ready a month in advance or do you have no idea what your doing so the decor doesn’t end up getting put up until the day of? Right now our house is being remodeled so we don’t really have our decorations out right now, luckily some of the rooms are done so I have a place to hang up a few things 🙂 .

Cute little valentines day cards you can clip up around the house!

One of the few Valentines things I have hung up is this adorable chicken wire clip board I got at Michaels! I absolutely love it because it can be changed up for every season/holiday, and it’s super simple to do! It took me 5 minutes, start to finish to get this set up and the result is beautiful! 
Cute little valentines day cards you can clip up around the house!

The best part about these valentines clip cards is that you don’t have to have a clip board! You can use them to make a banner, hang them on a magnet or pin board, you could even use them as Valentines cards for your kids school parties! Really, it’s your choice!

Cute little valentines day cards you can clip up around the house!

To get these, simply:

  1. Click on the picture at the bottom of this post. That will take you to a page where you can click print in the top right corner.
  2. Print them out! Just print them in a normal printer. I did them on card stock paper to make them more durable.
  3. Cut them out.
  4. Clip them up or write on the back if your using them for valentines day cards! 
    Cute little valentines day cards you can clip up around the house!

If you print them out, post a picture on Instagram and tag me, @craftilybaking and I’ll check it out! Which design is your favorite?

Cute little valentines day cards you can clip up around the house!

Print them out

Watercolor quotes (free printable)

Happy Wednesday! How are you guys doing? As many of you know summer is my favorite season, and I am LOVING it! If I had the choice between it always being freezing cold or super warm, I would pick super warm. 😉 (as long as it wasn’t humid warm) I mean I like winter and all but after a while it just gets old. Ok I got sidetracked back to the post. 😉 Watercolor quotes, and they are free printable!Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

So, a couple weeks ago I was playing around and made these three cute watercolor quotes, and I decided to post them as free printables for all of you guys to use! I love the watercolor and the brush font together! These would be cute in a little girls’ or boys’ room! Or just for decoration!
Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

First we have this fun one 😉 “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” This one doesn’t actually have a watercolor background but there are little watercolor triangles.Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

Next we have this one from the new Cinderella (If you haven’t seen it it’s good! 🙂 ) I love this one “have courage and be kind” This would be so cute in a little girls’ room! Iv’e seen this quote used a lot of that.Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

And last we have this Walt Disney quote “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible” I like this one a lot, and I did the background kind of cloud-y watercolor-y 🙂 This ones fun because it’s kind of adventurous! Plus it’s a Walt Disney quote, who doesn’t like that?!Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

So these aren’t full paper sized there smaller so you can put them in a frame! Print them out below and enjoy! Watercolor quotes! (free printables)

Print them out!

Be yourself        Walt Disney    Have courage


Comment below and tell us how you are going to use them!

10 free HAPPY printables!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’m trying to get a consistent posting schedule but I need to figure out which days are best. 🙂 So I was on Pinterest and saw a ton of cute free printable quotes so I wanted to share my favorites! I’m kinda trying to go for cute springy summery happy printables! You can print them all off for free!flowers-desk-office-vintage

Hello-Spring-Printable-mommylikewhoa.com_1                                            1. Hello Spring! Find this one at: lifeasmama.comlds general conference printables free download uchtdorf quote_thumb[1]                                           2. Dieter F. Uchtdorf quote. Head on over to for it!lds general conference printables thomas s monson_thumb[1]                                              3. Another one from!popcicles                                                       4. Cute Popsicles! Go to!Live-Life-Colorfully-New-Years-Resolutions-Wit-Wander-for-By-Dawn-Nicole-Mock-Up-copy                               5. Live life colorfully! Find this at bydawnnicole.comBlog-2-1024x813                              6. Hello Sunshine! This one is from eighteen25.comHellospringPrintable                                                      7. Another Hello Spring get this at asparkleofgenius.comSpringFreePrintables                                           8. Lots of happy! Find these at fabnfree.comharry-potter-quote-free-printable                                                            9. Happiness can be found even in the darkest times. This ones at thekiwiintheclouds.comThe-Most-Important-Work-Preview-2                                                            10. Last one by Harold B. Lee! head over to

I can’t choose which one is my favorite….Can you?