Spring wreath free printable!

Spring wreath printable!Spring wreath free printable!Hey guys! So how are you all doing? I know I am definitely ready for spring! The only problem? It’s still snowing here! Well, I’m preparing with this cute spring wreath printable! You can print it off by clicking the link below that will take you to my subscribers only free recourse library! And if your not a subscriber yet, subscribe by clicking the other link below or in my sidebar and you’ll get an email with the password in it!

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Gold fall free printables!

Four gold fall free printables!


Hey guys! Have you noticed that it’s getting more and more like fall with everyday? Well, I guess that’s because it is fall. 🙂 This morning our lawn was covered in frost! It’s not even November yet and were already getting frost!Four gold fall free printables!
Have any of you put up the fall decor yet? I’m still working on it, and now I have these to add to it all! I have a couple other fall DIY decor that I’ll be posting pretty soon, and I’ll be doing either just a post of my shelves all fall-ified or I’ll do a fall room tour. Which one do you wan’t? 

Four gold fall free printables!
I didn’t used to like fall, but now I love it! ❤️ I love the cozy feeling of fall, and the warm colors, red, orange, yellow. It’s so calm and beautiful!
Four gold fall free printables!

One thing I especially love, is pumpkin spice! I love all of the delicious pumpkin-y foods! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice hot cocoa! I love them all! I just HAD to make one of the quotes about pumpkin spice! (Check out some of my fall recipes: Pumpkin breadPumpkin barsHomemade hot chocolateMini powdered donuts, Homemade peach pie)

Four gold fall free printables!
The only downside to fall is that the weather gets cold and windy. I have never liked cold weather though. But I do love fall fashion! Sweaters, mittens, scarves, boots! I love it all! 😊 I can’t say that fall is my favorite season (I love summer the best) but I do still love it.
Four gold fall free printables!

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*printing tip: when I went to print these, I made it so they printed half page instead of full size, if you do that they will end up the perfect size for a 4×6 picture frame. If you do full size they should end up about 8×10, maybe a little smaller. 

Print them off for free:

3. Hello fall  2. Pumpkin spice season 3. The years loveliest smile  4. Well hello October

So I’ll eaither be doing a post of my shelves all decorated for fall or and entire fall room tour, which one do you want?

5 super cute free printable planner stickers

Hey guys! Lately I’ve been trying to kinda organize my blog and my posting schedule. I’ve seen people who use google calendars to plan out their blog, but I just didn’t like it very much… So I decided to use my planner! Now, I don’t have a fancy planner at all and I wasn’t planning on buying a fancy $30 one (though I came very close) so I needed something to make it funner to plan. 🙂 I found these really cute planner stickers on (guess where? 🙂 ) Pinterest!  I seriously found like 500 (ok not quite 500, but close to that!) free printable planner stickers! I had to pick my favorites (but if you don’t like them you can go look for yourself 🙂 )

5 free printable planner stickers

So here they are!!!

1. All about pink planner stickers!


Get these at vintageglamstudio.com . They also come in yellow!

2.  Sea stickers 



These are at www.sticktoyourplan.blogspot.com 

3. Weekend!


Head over to planwithsamia.com

4.Flamingo print


Find these at everybodywantstoplan697.blogspot.ca

5. Sewing/crafting


Last, here’s one for those of you who like to craft/sew! cutedaisy.com

So, I know there are hundreds more but I could only post my top 5 favorite.  Which ones your favorite? Or Comment with your favorite ones that I didn’t show!

8 things you should be doing before you publish a blog post (plus free printable blog post checklist!)

Hey guys! So a little while back I shared this blog post planner and to-do list with you (If you haven’t already than you should print it off!) Well now I’ve created a blog post checklist! It’s like things you should do before you publish a blog post. Before I give it to you I’m going to talk a little about it! 8 things you should be doing before you publish a blog post

1. Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Ok, I think this one is pretty straightforward. No one likes to read a blog post if they can’t tell what word the person is trying to write. I think it kind of decreases the value of that blog post. Just make sure you have everything right. 🙂

2. Do your words flow smoothly? Does it sound like you?

You want your words to sound like you! 🙂 Don’t try to sound all businessy (unless that’s your personality) Just be yourself! Talk in your personality! 

3. Do you have pictures?

Do you have pictures? If not add them! The first thing people look for is the pictures! If you are a food and craft blog you really need pictures! I defiantly wouldn’t want to try out a craft or recipe if I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like when it was finished!  Also if you don’t have pictures you can’t really share it on Pinterest!

4. Add the description and alt text to your pictures!

The description and alt text are what search engines use for SEO! (more about SEO below) Search engines can’t really read the text on the pictures, they rely on on the description and alt text to tell them what it is! A lot of times the description is what shows up in the description for Pinterest, so make it nice and juicy!

5. Are your pictures clear and crisp, do they have your branding on them?

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me want to leave a site faster than pixelated or blurry images (that and bad design) Make sure your pictures are clean and crisp! Does your picture have your branding on it? I like to put my blog name in bottom right corner of all of my pictures. Most bloggers put their blog name on their pictures, but I know one or two that put their logo on it, which is perfectly fine because their logo has their blog name in it!

6. Check your SEO.

If your groaning right now, I don’t blame you! I don’t like trying to figure out SEO either, but is what gets you higher ranked in search engines and that will get more traffic. The plugin I use (I’m on wordpress.org) is The yoast SEO plugin. It’s really nice because it will tell you what is missing and what is good. When your done it will rank that post (depending on how well you have done your SEO) with either a red, yellow-ish orange-ish, or green dot. Don’t worry if you get a red or yellow dot, you can always go back and change it!

7. Publish your blog post!

Now you get to publish your blog post! Oh, and make sure you add all the tags and categories before you do this! 

8. Promote it on social media!

The last step is to promote your blog post on social media! This step is very important! If you don’t share your post, no-one is ever going to know it exists! (well except maybe your subscribers)But how are you going to get any subscribers if they cant find you!

Ok, now for the free printable blog post checklist! It’s got everything we’ve talked about on here! Feel free to print it off as much as you like!blog post checklist                  CLICK HERE to print it off!

If you print it off (or if you don’t) comment on how you like it!