Beautiful spring blossoms!

I was out doing yard work (Guess what? It was 80 degrees out!!!) and saw all of these beautiful spring blossoms and flowers, and had to take pictures! I love spring for all of it’s amazing flowers! Sorry, I kinda don’t know any of the names of these flowers. :)Spring blossoms, Purple flowers    This is my favorite! I LOVE how bright it is!Pink/Purple tree buds    This one looks kind-of Japanese… But that’s just me. :)Pretty Dandelion             I know…I know… Dandelions are a weed, BUT this one was so pretty I couldn’t resist. :)Purple spring blossoms         I love this shade of purple!Bright yellow flowers    These are so bright and cheery! Also these are the flowers I used in my peanut butter fudge post.Pink tree buds    These tree buds are so pretty! I didn’t realize there was a fly on the branch until I got it on the computer, can you spot it? :)Purple poppiesAhh! POPPIES, I LOVE POPPIES! They are so cute!pink and yellow tulips        Is it possible to not love Tulips?White flowers    These are sooo cute! They are mini flowers inside a flower!orange flower      Here’s some orangies! 

I LOVE spring! How many of you LOVE spring? The one thing is I love warm weather and usually it’s not 80 quite yet, but I’m fine with the warm weather! 

Tissue paper flowers

Hey! So I’ve seen these tissue paper flowers on pinterest and have been wanting to try them for so long. I made them today and they are so cute!crafts and cupcakes flowers.JPG

Here’s how to make them

I got this idea from:


  1. Stack 8 pieces 20 by 30 inch of tissue paper. Make 1 1/2 inch accordion folds, crease each fold.craftsandcupcakes2.Fold a piece of wire over the tissue, then twist.step 2 after.JPG3.  Round the ends off by trimming with scissors.step 3 after.JPG4. Separate the layers one at a time pulling away from the center.

step 4 after                5. Add a string through the wire.

6.Hang up!