Beautiful spring blossoms!

I was out doing yard work (Guess what? It was 80 degrees out!!!) and saw all of these beautiful spring blossoms and flowers, and had to take pictures! I love spring for all of it’s amazing flowers! Sorry, I kinda don’t know any of the names of these flowers. :)Spring blossoms, Purple flowers    This is my favorite! I LOVE how bright it is!Pink/Purple tree buds    This one looks kind-of Japanese… But that’s just me. :)Pretty Dandelion             I know…I know… Dandelions are a weed, BUT this one was so pretty I couldn’t resist. :)Purple spring blossoms         I love this shade of purple!Bright yellow flowers    These are so bright and cheery! Also these are the flowers I used in my peanut butter fudge post.Pink tree buds    These tree buds are so pretty! I didn’t realize there was a fly on the branch until I got it on the computer, can you spot it? :)Purple poppiesAhh! POPPIES, I LOVE POPPIES! They are so cute!pink and yellow tulips        Is it possible to not love Tulips?White flowers    These are sooo cute! They are mini flowers inside a flower!orange flower      Here’s some orangies! 

I LOVE spring! How many of you LOVE spring? The one thing is I love warm weather and usually it’s not 80 quite yet, but I’m fine with the warm weather!