How to plant+ take care of succulents!

I am not claiming at all to be a professional, I am just sharing tips and tricks that have worked for me.

Do you feel like you kill any plants you try to grow? Here are a bunch of tips to keep them alive+ how to plant them!

If you have trouble with plants or you just want to try to grow one, then this post is for you! Succulents are awesome and super easy to take care of, there are just a couple pro tips you need to know, and I’ll cover them all in this post!

So first thing first, before you can take care of your succulent you need to plant it! Do you feel like you kill any plants you try to grow? Here are a bunch of tips to keep them alive+how to plant them!

The supplies you will need to plant your succulent are: 

  • Small pebbles. You cant get them from a craft store like michaels.
  • Dirt. You can use potting soil from a garden supply store.
  • A planter. Any planter, cup, or bowl will work as long as its deep enough for the roots to grow. I got this one from a local furniture/decor store.
  • A succulent plant! Obviously 🙂 I got mine from Lowes but you can also get them from Home Depot or your local garden store.

Do you feel like you kill any plants you try to grow? Here are a bunch of tips to keep them alive+how to plant them!Step one is add the pebbles to the bottom of the planter. This will help with draining the water so the roots don’t sit and rot in it. I got my pebbles from my local craft store.
Do you feel like you kill any plants you try to grow? Here are a bunch of tips to keep them alive+how to plant them! Step two: Add about half of the dirt to the planter. 

Do you feel like you kill any plants you try to grow? Here are a bunch of tips to keep them alive+how to plant them!

Step three: place the plant into the planter and add the rest of the dirt to the planter, gently pack down the dirt so the plant stays up.

Some tips for keeping your succulent alive and healthy:

  • Don’t over water your plant. I water my succulents 1-2 times a week. Be sure to check the instructions on your plant to see what the recommended amount is for your particular succulent.
  • Keep the succulent out of direct sunlight. But make sure to check the directions on your specific plant. You should probably always keep it inside unless the directions on the plant say it is ok to keep it outside. Again, check the directions on your plant, not all succulents are the same. It kind of depends on the climate where you live.
  • Be sure the planter you use isn’t too small. Make sure the roots of your plant have plenty of room to grow. If your planter is too shallow then the roots won’t be able to grow strong, And your plant will have a harder time staying alive. One succulent I bought and I didn’t have a planter for it so it didn’t get planted for a couple months. Meanwhile, the succulent just grew in the tiny plastic pot it came in. At first, the pot was fine for the plant, but as it grew it became way to small and the roots didn’t have room to spread out and grow strong. I did eventually get the succulent planted but it was never very healthy and it ended up dying. 🙁 The moral of the story is make sure you have a good planter before you buy your plant and plant it as soon as possible!
  • Finding a good planter. Really anything will work as a planter as long as it is big enough. One of my succulents is in a sauce bowl that I got from Target, another one is a cute little pot from the target dollar section. Just make sure it isn’t too small/shallow. 


Here’s a step by step diagram for you to refer to when you plant yours! Hover over it to pin it!

Do you feel like you kill any plants you try to grow? Here are a bunch of tips to keep them alive+how to plant them!


DIY hand warmers!

It’s getting colder and colder outside every day! We’re starting to get frost every morning and your probably feeling the chill while your going to work or school in the mornings. For me, my hands are always the most cold, and now I have a solution! These DIY microwave hand warmers are the perfect way to stay cozy during your morning commutes! You can use them over and over, re-heating them in the microwave each morning! No more frostbite here!

Now your probably thinking: why should I make these? Couldn’t I just buy the disposable ones at the store? Yes, you could keep on buying them over and over and waste tons of money. But why do that? You can only use those once, and they cost a whole lot more than if you would just use some fabric laying around and make some of these hand warmers! 

  They are the perfect gift, both practical and cute! Either wrap them up or use them as stocking stuffers! They are SUPER simple! It  only takes about 5 minutes to make a set! I love these hand warmers because you can just grab and go! They only take 10-20 seconds in the microwave, then you just slip it into your pocket or glove and your all set to face the cold! I cant wait to go outside this winter with these cute little hand warmers! Another cool thing about these, is that they can work as either a hand warmer or a cold pack! Simply put it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and voila! It’s an ice pack!

And now how to make them.

DIY microwaveable hand warmers!

DIY microwave hand warmers:

(As your making them, refer to the above picture for step by step pictures)


  • Fabric. Most any fabric will do, just as long is it doesn’t have plastic and it can be heated in the microwave without melting
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle + thread


  1. Cut out a rectangle in the fabric that is: “6 1/2 by “3 1/2, I cut out a piece of card stock paper that size and used it as a pattern.
  2. Fold over, good side to good side.
  3. Sew two sides. You can either leave one side open or leave only a little hole 1/2 inch wide. Don’t forget to reverse stitch and tie the knot!
  4. Turn it right sides out.
  5. Fill with rice.
  6. Sew it up, I used the blanket stitch.


Free printable Christmas gift tags!

Forty-five days till Christmas!! I’m not going to lie, Christmas is my very favorite holiday. I love everything about it! The snow, the music, all the planning I get to do! If your following me on Instagram, you know I’ve been planning for Christmas since well before Halloween. 🙂 I. love. Christmas. 

Free printable Christmas gift tagsThe reason I love planning so much is, its kinda my personality to be organized, and I have this amazing planner from They have lots of different types of planners, and accessories for your planner as well! Another one of my favorite things to do, is wrapping all of the presents up and making them look pretty! And part of that is having adorable labels! So Iv’e created these cute little gift labels for all of you to use for free!
Free printable Christmas gift tags!When you print these out, you can either print them on cardstock paper, hole punch them, and tie them with twine, like I’ve done here, or, you can print them on sticker paper, cut them out and stick them to the gifts! It’s totally up to you. I also made two versions, large sized labels, and small ones. You can choose which size you would like down below! 
Free printable Christmas gift tags!

Here are the labels ! Choose which size you want and print them out below!Free printable Christmas gift tags!Click here to get the large gift tags!   Click here to get the small gift tags!

What are you doing to get ready for christmas?

Soft & yummy sugar cookies!

Hi guys! Don’t you just love sugar cookies, I love them, and sadly, I can’t eat them (I have to do the fodmap diet, till’ like december) They have wheat and dairy in them, but they are a great gift!! I love this recipe because they are super simple, you don’t have to refrigerate the dough or anything! I found this wonderful recipe on and I love it! They taste great and are just as fun to make!Soft, yummy sugar cookies with delicious cream cheese frosting!

I mean, who doesn’t love sugar cookies with classic pink frosting! Two people I know had birthdays this week, so I gave them each some!
Soft and yummy sugar cookies topped with pink cream cheese frosting!

I tried a different recipe before this one and it was a disaster! The dough was much too sticky and wouldn’t cut out! This recipe is so much better! A big thanks to It’s always autumn for this recipe! My favorite picture by far is this one! I love our vintage measuring spoons!Soft and yummy sugar cookies topped with pink cream cheese frosting!
Here are a couple of tips for making these cookies turn out perfect: Continue Reading →

Almond and peppermint chapsticks + free printable labels!

Hey guys! Happy fourth of July! Be sure to grab these free printable fourth of July prints for your party today! Guess what I have for you today! These super cute almond and peppermint chapsticks! (no that’s not one flavor, it’s two different ones 🙂 ) These chapsticks are fun to make, fun to use, and even fun to give!Almond and peppermint chapsticks +free printable lables!

 I personally love these chapsticks! Especially the cute labels I made to go on them! (print them out at the end)

Almond and peppermint chapsticks +free printable labels!

So for the almond one I used almond extract and it smells wonderful! So does the peppermint one, I used Young Livings peppermint oil. ( you can use whatever essential oil brand you like, I just had young living on hand) I bought the chapstick tubes at a health store that was going out of business, but I also found these on amazon,click here to buy them! 

Almond and peppermint chapsticks +free printable labels!

These are definitely something you want to try! And, they would go great with this orange creamcicle sugar scrub!Almond and peppermint chapsticks!

Peppermint and almond chapsticks + free printable!


  • 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of beeswax
  • A couple drops of almond extract or peppermint oil
  • Chapstick tubes


  1. Place all ingredients into a small bowl .
  2. Heat a pot of water until it boils, then take it off the heat.
  3. Place the bowl of ingredients into the hot water letting it all melt together, stirring occasionally.
  4. When a liquid, pour into a chapstick tube, let cool before putting the cap on.

A couple of quick tips:

When you pour it into the tubes, fill it almost full, tap to let the bubbles out, then fill it the rest of the way.

When you are printing the labels, make sure to un-click scale to page.

Free printable labels:

Almond chapstick

Peppermint chapstick

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