DIY tub divider

Are your tubs constantly messy and disorganized? Mine were so I finally did something about it. This tub divider is more practical than pretty but it works. 🙂 All you need is a cardboard box!diy tub divider-Crafts and Cupcakes.JPGBefore after tub divider-Crafts and Cupcakes.JPGHere’s how to do it!


  • Cardboard
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Cut off a piece of cardboard (I just used the flap of a cardboard box)
  2. Hold it up to your tub and see where to cut it
  3. Cut the vertical piece
  4. Hold up another piece of cardboard to measure the across
  5. Cut the horizontal piece
  6. Make a mark where you want the horizontal piece to intersect the vertical piece
  7. Cut to nearly the bottom on the vertical piece
  8. Do the same on the horizontal piece so they fit into each other
  9. Place in box and add your stuff


Birthday banner gift tags!

Hi guys! So I saw these cute gift tags on pinterest and decided I’d give them a try! There super cute and very simple! They take two minutes to make and everyone will love them! (including you!)diy gift tags crafts and cupcakes

Birthday banner gift tags:


  • Brand new pencil
  • Ink pad
  • gift tags (I got mine on amazon in a 100 pack for only $6 Buy them!)
  • Bakers twine (optional to tie to gift) 


  1. Draw a triangle on the bottom of your pencil.
  2. Cut out the triangle
  3. Stamp triangle on ink pad
  4. Stamp onto your gift tag
  5. Keep stamping until you form a bannerdiy gift tags crafts and cupcakes


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Wee mouse tin house

So I saw these adorable little mice and decided I would make them for my younger sisters and cousins for Christmas. They loved them! I didn’t get time to do the teddy bears though. I found the pattern on etsy for the link CLICK HEREimage - Copyimage (1) - Copy

Tissue paper flowers

Hey! So I’ve seen these tissue paper flowers on pinterest and have been wanting to try them for so long. I made them today and they are so cute!crafts and cupcakes flowers.JPG

Here’s how to make them

I got this idea from:


  1. Stack 8 pieces 20 by 30 inch of tissue paper. Make 1 1/2 inch accordion folds, crease each fold.craftsandcupcakes2.Fold a piece of wire over the tissue, then twist.step 2 after.JPG3.  Round the ends off by trimming with scissors.step 3 after.JPG4. Separate the layers one at a time pulling away from the center.

step 4 after                5. Add a string through the wire.

6.Hang up!