10 things you should do before school starts! (a last summer hurrah!)

Hey guys! Summer is ending and school is starting. Were down to the last couple weeks of summer vacation, and I’ve come up with 10 things you should do before school starts as kind of a last summer hurrah! Plus its affordable! This post is directed more to the kids, or as things you should do with your kids before school starts! :)10 things you should do before school starts! (a last summer hurrah!)

1. Go swimming!

I know everyone has been swimming all summer, but there isn’t going to be much of it over the winter! Get in one more swim day before school starts!

2. Roast s’mores!

S’mores are always fun! And its kind of hard to have a camp fire in the winter! I’ve seen lots of variations on s’mores, like using Reese’s peanut butter cups instead of Hersheys! Or roasting Starbursts!10 things you should do before school starts! (a last summer hurrah!)

3. Bake something!

It doesn’t have to be extravagant! Do a simple little recipe like these mini taco bowls! And these ham and cheese pinwheels are fun and healthy!Yummy crunchy taco bowls filled with meat, and topped with lettuce and tomatoes

4. Go to the park!

The park is a great way to get your kids outside! Take a picnic and spend the day there!10 things you should do before school starts! (a last summer hurrah!)

5. Spend a night under the stars!

Whether your camping or just in your backyard, sleeping under the stars is always fun! Just make sure to get plenty of bug spray!

6. Water games in the backyard!

It could be just playing in the hose, jumping on a wet trampoline, or having a water balloon fight! You could play in the sprinklers! Just get outside and play! Over the school year you don’t get a lot of time to play outside in the water! I did this last week and it is so fun!

7. Do a craft!

You don’t have to do a huge complicated craft! Just make something fun and kid friendly, something that will make going back to school a little funner! Like these fun bookworm pencil toppers, or even just cover their pencils with washi tape ! And for the older kids, get these printable binder covers to color! If your not the crafty type, just print off some coloring pages!

8. Go boating/to the beach!

Going to the beach is something you can’t really do in the winter. And, if you own a boat, take it and go tubing! 
10 things to do before school starts!

9. Go biking! 

Biking is so fun! Go on a family bike ride! It’s the perfect way to get your family active! Or even better, Pack a picnic and bike to the park!

10. Have a back to school party/dinner

When I was little, on the night before the first day of school, we would have a back to school dinner/party thing. It made going back to school so much funner! My mom would make us little crowns with the grade we were going into on them and we would have a fun dinner, and dessert! It was so fun and made everything so much more exciting! For the crowns you can make them out of colored paper, foam, or you can even sew them! So, cut them out, punch holes in each ends, and add ribbon to the back!10 things you should do before school starts! (a last summer hurrah!)Tell me what you are doing before school starts!

6 Thoughts on “10 things you should do before school starts! (a last summer hurrah!)

  1. Carlene on August 16, 2016 at 9:15 am said:

    these are great ideas!

  2. These all look so fun! I don’t know if I’ll have any time to celebrate summer any more, but I did have an amazing time at camp this past week. There was lots of summer stuff to do there 😉

  3. This is so awesome! I’ll try to do as many as possible! 😉

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