DIY pallet wood photo backdrop

Hey guys! So, one of the BIG things you need to have if you want your pictures to turn out nice, is a cute photo backdrop. And nice photo backdrops are pretty expensive… so I thought that I would DIY it for much cheaper! 🙂 I loved this one on craftinge! Also pallet wood projects are kinda in style so I thought it wood look nice!Diy pallet wood photo backdrop!

Here are a couple posts where I’ve used it!mini apple pies!! Yummy!

Mini apple piesOrange creamsicle sugar scrub

Orange creamsicle sugar scrubThis is the best guacamole in the world!!!

The best (and simplest) guacamole

Here’s a couple more:

Now how to make it:

DIY pallet wood photo backdrop


  • Pallet wood boards
  • white paint
  • nail gun or you can hammer them in (just make sure that the nails are short so they don’t poke through the front)
  • wood glue
  • sander 


  1. Lay out your boards face down like in the picture (below). (Two of the boards will need to be cut to fit on the ends to hold it together)
  2. Apply wood glue to the end boards and glue on to ends.
  3. Put nails in, we did 5 per board. Make sure to do both ends. (this is still face down)
  4. Let wood glue dry.
  5. Paint with white paint.
  6. Let paint dry overnight.
  7. Sand through.

Backside of photo backdrop


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