Mason jar water bottle gift

Hey guys! Yesterday was one of my friends birthday party’s and… I still hadn’t got a present. Luckily, we were in town so we quickly ran into Target. I found the adorable mason jar water bottle in the dollar section (yes I LOVE the dollar section) but I needed something else to go with it…. The Easter candy was on sale so I bought a bag of chocolate eggs. 🙂 Put them inside the water bottle, tie ribbon around it, score! Cute, easy present! (I know, it looks like a Halloween gift, lets just pretend it doesn’t) :)mason jar water bottle giftIf you don’t have time to wrap it, just tie a ribbon around the straw!mason jar water bottle gift topI hope you like it!


2 Thoughts on “Mason jar water bottle gift

  1. This is so cute! I love mason jars 🙂

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