Super cute succulent pot

Hey guys! I have been dying to share this with you! The other day I went to Michael’s and target and a bunch of other places just for fun, and I knew I wanted to get a succulent plant sometime or another when I saw the cute ones on crafting{e} so I decided to go get one.P1280157.JPG

First, I went to target and got a bunch of cute Easter stuff. I also got these adorable little milk jars for my pictures!P1280170

After that we went to Michael’s. I LOVE Michael’s! It’s got crafting and baking stuff all in one! What! Awesome! Anyway, we literally spent 2 hours in Michael’s, they had a ton of great deals, almost everything was on sale! I had a 40% coupon that I had a hard time using because it was only for regular price items!P1280166.JPG

So at Michael’s they had a great deal on scrapbook paper for 20 cents a page instead of 60 cents a page, so… I got a lot of scrap book paper. Also, the scrapbook paper books that are normally $20 were only $6 so I got one of those to.P1280165

I just couldn’t resist buying these letter G’s. When I was at Michael’s, I also bought the cute little pot my succulent plant is in. P1280168.JPGSo I had a baby cakes donut maker, but it was so hard to clean that I sold it, but then I was regretting selling it because I still wanted to make donuts. Solution! get this donut PAN from world market. This will be much easier to clean because you can actually submerge it in water! Last, we went to Lowes to get my succulent plant. They are only $3 a plant there and are well worth it.

I think that this little succulent is too cute! Hope you do too!


4 Thoughts on “Super cute succulent pot

  1. Oh that’s so cute. I need to get one now!
    Donut pans are my favorite! I use mine all the time!!!

  2. Oh that’s so cute. I need to get one now!
    Donut pans are my favorite! I use mine all the time!!!

  3. Awesome possum!!

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