DIY tub divider

Are your tubs constantly messy and disorganized? Mine were so I finally did something about it. This tub divider is more practical than pretty but it works. 🙂 All you need is a cardboard box!diy tub divider-Crafts and Cupcakes.JPGBefore after tub divider-Crafts and Cupcakes.JPGHere’s how to do it!


  • Cardboard
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Cut off a piece of cardboard (I just used the flap of a cardboard box)
  2. Hold it up to your tub and see where to cut it
  3. Cut the vertical piece
  4. Hold up another piece of cardboard to measure the across
  5. Cut the horizontal piece
  6. Make a mark where you want the horizontal piece to intersect the vertical piece
  7. Cut to nearly the bottom on the vertical piece
  8. Do the same on the horizontal piece so they fit into each other
  9. Place in box and add your stuff


3 Thoughts on “DIY tub divider

  1. Brittani on March 21, 2016 at 4:48 am said:

    What a great, simple idea!

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